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Ryn Katryn Custom Premade Form

  • This form will give you the chance to work with me without being on my schedule, and getting the cover you want at a lower price.

  • I cannot guarantee that I will choose your submitted project. I will only choose projects that fit my style and inspire me.

  • Please do not ask for the status of a project – these custom premades are to be worked on in between my scheduled customs, and they still remain only a premade.

  • If I created your custom premade, you will get first dibs on the cover. After completion of the cover, you’ll receive an email with a low resolution, watermarked file, then you will get 24 hours to decide if you want to accept or decline it.

  • If you fail to reply after the 24 hours, or if you decline the cover, the premade will be posted in my group as a FCFS (First come, first serve).

  • The premades created from this form will be final. I will not allow any changes on them.

  • The cost for a premade custom will vary between $250 - $300 depending on the complexity of the design. 

  • If you accept a cover, you will receive an invoice via Paypal, and once the payment has been completed I will email you the high resolution file without any watermarks.

  • If you accept a cover, you can book me for continuations.

  • Please fill in the form separately for different projects/ideas.

  • Most importantly – please do not take it personal if your project isn’t created. These will be worked on in between my scheduled customs and the time I have to create premades are extremely limited. 

  • This should be fun!

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