Premium eBook package: $310.

This is the ultimate custom design package for your book if you have a specific scene in mind. By using multiple stock images, I will create your cover according to what you want to see.

On reply to your email, I will send you a detailed questionnaire requesting all the information I need regarding your book; descriptions of characters, environments, objects etc. You will need to be as clear as possible with what you want to se. The more I know, the easier and more efficient the revision process will be.

Because I mainly use DepositPhotos & Adobe Stock, if the stock of your choice is from their website, then send me a link and I will purchase it myself at no extra cost to you. If the images are from a different stock photo website, then please purchase a high resolution version yourself and email it to me.

Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for the completion of the first draft for Premium eBook covers, whereafter you get an unlimited amount of revision rounds. All changes are made at no extra cost. 



Do I have to buy the stock images?

Unless you choose stock from DepositPhotos/Adobe Stock, yes. If you want to use stock from another website, then you will have to purchase a high resolution version of the image yourself and email it to me. I would not suggest using your own "home-made" images unless you are a professional photographer, in which case, you will need to send me a signed release confirming that it's your work and I have permission to use it in your cover design.