Basic eBook package: $250.

If you know exactly what stock image/s you want to use for your book cover, but lack the skill, time or knowledge to create it yourself, then this package is ideal for you. It's an affordable choice if you're faced with a budget, and the results will be amazing. Leave it to me to add color, text, simple effects, and some digital painting to your choice of stock and watch as it blooms into a beautiful, professional book cover.

Tell me what you want: send me some example images along with some information regarding your book - genre, target audience, as well as any special requests such as color preferences or font choices. The more I know, the easier and more efficient the revision process will be.

Because I mainly use DepositPhotos & Adobe Stock, if the stock of your choice is from their website, then send me a link and I will purchase it myself at no extra cost to you. If the images are from a different stock photo website, then please purchase a high resolution version yourself and email it to me.

Please allow one week for the completion of the first draft for basic eBook covers, where after one revision round is allowed. All changes are made at no extra cost on the first round. If more than one revision is needed, a small fee of  $10 will be charged per alteration on the cover.



What is the difference between the basic eBook option and the premium eBook option?

The quality of the covers remain the same regardless of which option you choose. The only big difference is the simplified revision process on the basic eBook package and the limited amount of stock images used. The premium package allows more revision rounds, as well as the use of more than 2 stock images, which increases the amount of blending, digital painting and special effects going into the cover art, so the overall process is a little more time-consuming and customizable. But the quality still remains the same on either packages.


I recommend the premium package if you need a more detailed or customized book cover - something you can't find in just one or two stock photos. Other than that, the basic eBook package is perfect if you only need 2 stock images and don't think you'll need more than one revision round. It's also a great way to save money and it allows you to be added to my schedule much quicker due to the shorter turnaround time for a cover.